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13.4. Background Images in eMessages

Posted 11.12.12

Background image display is not supported in many email clients (i.e., Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and email programs such as Outlook.  If designing your message to include a background image, it's best to understand how your image will appear, and in which email clients and programs it WON'T appear.  NewPanda has no control over how Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook display images (or we'd be millionaires, possibly even billionaires by now). 

Here are several resources we found that discuss background image display in many email clients and how you can design your HTML for the best possible chance of your image displaying in each.

While you are free to insert a background image in your NewPanda message(s), please be forewarned that it simply won't display in many email clients, no matter what you (or we) do.  As an alternative, you may instead choose to specify a background color if you're familiar with HTML coding.  Code at your own risk - NewPanda cannot support or troubleshoot your HTML.

Here's a resource we found for coding tips for background images.

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