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5.45. How do I change eMessage types?

Updated 06.18.13

Your eMessages are "built" and saved in our system based on the original message type you select.  For example if you created your message with one of our templates, you may have added some text, but for the most part the design elements were based on the template you selected. 

That being said, it would be really hard for our system to take a templated eMessage, or even an eMessage you designed yourself through the Open Palette or HTML mode, and turn it into, say, a text message, because the system wouldn't understand which part of the message you really wanted to convert (which would be just the words).  Or, if your eMessage had too many characters, you wouldn't want the text message to just automatically cut off the end (remember the 140 character limit for text messages).  In those cases you may have to edit the message a bit to make it more appropriate for the (new) desired eMessage format.

So it's not as easy as you might think to "just switch message types" because of all the fancy stuff the system does for you behind the scenes when you create your eMessages.

You can copy contents from an eMessage and paste them into a new eMessage.  We recommend that you FIRST paste the content into a Notepad or Wordpad (.txt type) file to remove any unwanted characters and formatting, then copy from the .txt file into your new eMessage.  Then you can re-format to your heart's desire without worrying about code breaking because our system didn't understand that you went from one eMessage type to another.


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