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5.46. How do I retract, edit or stop an eMessage that's been sent?

Updated 10.18.16

Unfortunately, once an email or text message has been sent, it can't be retracted or edited.  This is true of most all email programs, and it's true of NewPanda, too. 

When you click the SEND button, or when your pre-scheduled Auto Pilot message is launched, it means you have completed all the proofing, editing, and testing necessary to ensure your eMessage is ready, and you really want to send it. That sends your eMessage immediately to our sending server queue, where it may "wait in line" for one second or 10 minutes to actually spread its happy little wings and fly, so to speak.  But once the Send button has been clicked OR the scheduled time and date has passed, your message is basically on a fast train.  We can't "break in" to fix it, pause it, delete it, cancel it, or unsend it.  :(

If it's extremely important, the best workaround is simply to send a corrected version of the original message (see our instructions for Replicating eMessages, and simply update the subject line to include "CORRECTION:" and the original subject line).  Alternately (and in less dire circumstances), recipients that catch the mistake and contact you can be handled on a one-on-one basis, rather than alerting recipients that may not have actually opened the message to the fact that you made a boo-boo.

NOW if you have SCHEDULED an eMessage for a future date (that's not today or any day before today), that's another story!  You can access your eMessage through the Your Messages feature and edit away!  Or, if you need to cancel it altogether, click the Archive button.  This will remove the eMessage from your "active messages" queue and cancel any future send date you have selected.  The Delete button will instantly and permanently delete the message from your tools (this action cannot be undone)!

If you later decide you really want to send that eMessage, go to your Archived Messages and REPLICATE it.  Once replicated, you can re-select recipients, edit, and send away!

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