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5.20. Un-Archiving eMessages

Updated 05.29.18

Have you noticed there is no "Un-Archive" button in your NewPanda features?  That's because each eMessage you send is unique, has a unique set of recipients and generates a unique set of open / unopen / undeliverable statistics (See Tracking Results for more information). 

If you want to resend an eMessage that you've archived, either to the same recipients or a new recipient list, you can simply REPLICATE it.  This creates a copy of your original eMessage in the Your Messages list, but allows you to generate separate reporting statistics for it - you know, to keep it all clean-like.

To replicate an Archived eMessage, first click to activate the "Show Archived Messages" field.  Once you've located the eMessage you wish to work with, click REPLICATE. 

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